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clear skies and cool neither santa rosa and novato at 38. we have 41 in napa and fremont. 40 in livermore. everyone else in the mid-40's to 50 in antioch. we will have an increase in clouds as the system draws near but a mild day with temperatures in the middle 50's around the bay and 70 inland and upper 50's at the coast. how are you commutes, sue? >> quiet on monday morning. the bay bridge toll plaza has a couple of cars stacked up to pay cash with a few of the toll lanes under maintenance. no major delays. an early stall on the upper deck. at central lafayette there is a solo spinout. otherwise, we just have road work looking at 880 from the embarcardero to oakland. >> at 4:29 we have breaking news from florida. hundreds of students are evacuated from a dorm in orlando. police have found explosive devices. officers discovered the explosives while investigating the death of a man at the university of central florida. it appears to be suicide. police found an assault women and explosive devices on the scene they evacuated 500 students and closed a parking garage. the school
with the wind shield wipers needed. slippery roads so take extra caution. we have a situation in santa rosa with the ramp from northbound 101 to eastbound highway 12 closed right now because of an accident. emergency vehicles have that blocked for the next five or ten minutes and we will monitor that. an area of road work in south san francisco north 101 at airport boulevard, the lanes are closed, rather, coned off for half an hour or so. >> we have breaking news from the delta where we are getting reports of three homes on fire. the three-alarm fire is in contra costa county. the power company is turning off the power. so far, no one has been hurt. we will bring you more information throughout the morning as it becomes available. >> happening now, children and parents return to an east bay preschool re-opening after an incident where a teacher allegedly tied up a toddler who refused to nap. the investigation continues. abc7 news reporter, amy hollyfield, is live with the latest. amy? >> the school opens at 7:00 this morning. it has been closed since friday. the school shut down so the teac
miles per hour in novato and ten at santa rosa and everyone else is about eight to calm around san carlos and concord and livermore. the breezes will pick up in the afternoon hours and keep us sunny with mid-60's and near 70 appear the bay and mid-50's to near 60 at the coast where we will have the fastest wind and warmer inland with sunshine and mid-60's to low 70's. sue? >> good morning, everyone, happy friday. not a good friday when we have to wake up with a fatal accident. as was mentioned, southbound 280, a sig-alert has been issued. three right lanes are affected. if you want to avoid this area you would take southbound 280, get off at 880 and go around to 101 to avoid this. it will be out there most of the morning. we will follow it for you. another accident in fremont, northbound 880, and an accident eastbound highway four at railroad, the westbound commute from antioch is not too bad at this hour at 4:31. >> new this morning, president obama is wrapping up a three-day trip to israel with self symbolic stops in the country. the president paid respects to israel's heros and
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3